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Airship Raid


  • Completed the Cat Hand Agent or Onward to the New World Quests
  • Base Level 125
  • Must be in a party

  1. Speak to the Transport Device in Asgard. You will be warped to the Dimensional Rift.
    • 1.png
  2. Make your way here
    • 2.png
  3. Speak to Explorer Lion then click on the Device to reserve the instance, and click on it again to enter.
    • 3.png
  4. Speak to Ferlock. Read the dialogue and the Airship will be invaded. After the dialogue, make your way to the next room.
    • 4.png
  5. Defeat the monsters invading the Airship! The monsters all throughout this instance will drop the Airship Set, while the Beholders drop the One Eye.
    • Once you kill all the monsters on the floor, head towards the warp.
    • 5.png 5.1.png
  6. Do the same on this floor.
    • 6.png 6.1.png
  7. Speak to Iris after all the monsters on the map are defeated. Once the dialogue is over, head over to the next map.
    • 7.png
  8. Kill all the monsters again, then head to the next area.
  9. Speak to Fenrir to start a lengthy conversation.
    • 9.png
  10. After your conversation with Fenrir, a Wyvern will appear. Kill it immediately
    • 10.png
  11. Speak to Iris to start the next boss fight.
    • 11.png
  12. Now it's time to fight Ferlock! He hits hard so you have better brought some healing potions.
    • 12.png
  13. After the fight, talk to Chaos and exit the instance via the north warp.

End of Instance

Note: instance can Repeat after 24 hours

Obtainable items

  • Airship manteau.png Airship Manteau
  • Armorofairship.png Armor of Airship
  • Bootsofairship.png Boots of Airship
  • Costume ferlocks hat.png Costume Ferlock's Hat
  • Ferlocks boots.png Ferlock's Boots
  • Ferlocks manteau.png Ferlock's Manteau
  • Ferloecks armor.png Ferlock's Armor