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4th Job Class

Basic 1st Job 2nd Job Transcendent Job 3rd Job 4th Job
Novice.gif MERCHANT.gif ALCHEMIST.gif Bio chem2.png GENETICIST.gif Biolo male1.gifBiolo female1.gif
Novice Merchant Alchemist Bio Chemist Genetic Biolo


1st Job Skills
Skill Name Max Level Skill Form Short Description
Basic Skill.png Basic Skill 10 Passive Enable the use of Basic Interface Skills. (Trading, Emoticon, Sitting, Chat Room, Party, Kafra and at Max Level enables job change.
First Aid.png First Aid 1 Supportive Use 3 SP to restore 5 HP.
Discount.png Discount 10 Passive Buy items from NPC's with an up to 24% discount.
Item Appraisal.png Item Appraisal 1 Active Identify items without a magnifier.
Overcharge.png Overcharge 10 Passive Get up to 24% more Zeny from selling items to NPC's.
Pushcart.png Pushcart 10 Passive Carry an additional 8000 weight units and/or 100 items in a separate inventory.
Enlarge Weight Limit.png Enlarge Weight Limit 10 Passive Increase your character's maximum Weight Limit by up to 2000 points.
Vending.png Vending 10 Active Open a shop with up to 12 item stacks for other players to buy.
Mammonite.png Mammonite 10 Offensive Powerful melee attack dealing up to 600% damage that costs up to 1000 Zeny.
Crazy Uproar.png Crazy Uproar 1 Supportive A party buff that grants +4 Strength and +30 ATK for five minutes.
Change Cart.png Change Cart 1 Active Change your cart's appearance as you gain levels.
Change cart 2.png Cart Decoration 1 Active Change your cart's appearance.
Cart Revolution.png Cart Revolution 1 Offensive Melee AoE attack that gets stronger as your cart gets heavier.

2nd Job Skills
Skill Name Max Level Skill Form Short Description
Axe Mastery.png Axe Mastery 5 Passive Increase Weapon Mastery ATK while wearing Axe or Sword class weapons.
Potion Research.png Potion Research 5 Passive Increases the success chance of Pharmacy and the effectiveness of potions and certain skills.
Prepare Potion.png Pharmacy 5 Supportive Consume materials to create various potions and bombs.
Summon Marine Sphere.png Sphere Mine 5 Supportive Consume 1 Marine Sphere Bottle to summon a Marine Sphere at the target location. Marine Sphere explodes shortly after summoning.
Summon Flora.png Summon Flora 5 Supportive Summon 1-5 plant monsters to aid you in battle by consuming 1 Plant Bottle​.
Acid Terror.png Acid Terror 5 Active Hurl an ​Acid Bottle​ at your foe, dealing a long range physical damage that has a chance of destroying the target's armor. Level of the skill determined the number of hits. Potion Research increases the damage of this skill.
Bomb.png Demonstration 5 Offensive Hurl a ​Bottle Grenade​ at the target area to set it ablaze, constantly dealing physical melee damage to foes in the area, with a chance of destroying their weapon. Potion Research increases the damage of this skill.
Aid Potion.png Potion Pitcher 5 Supportive Throw a potion at an ally to heal them. Type of potion used is based on the skill's level.
Biochemical Helm.png Chemical Protection Helm 5 Supportive Consume 1 ​Glistening Coat​ to prevent target's helm from being broken or stripped.
Synthetic Armor.png Chemical Protection Armor 5 Supportive Consume 1 ​Glistening Coat​ to prevent target's armor from being broken or stripped.
Alchemical Weapon.png Chemical Protection Weapon 5 Supportive Consume 1 ​Glistening Coat​ to prevent target's weapon from being broken or stripped.
Synthesized Shield.png Chemical Protection Shield 5 Supportive Consume 1 ​Glistening Coat​ to prevent target's shield from being broken or stripped.
Bioethics.png Bioethics 1 Passive Enables the use of Homunculus and Homonculus skills.
Call Homunculus.png Call Homunculus 1 Supportive Summon a Homunculus from an ​Embryo​ or from Vaporize.
Vaporize.png Vaporize 1 Supportive Vaporize your Homunculus to store it.
Homunculus Resurrection.png Homunculus Resurrection 5 Supportive Revive your fallen Homunculus.
Full Chemical Protection.png Full Chemical Protect 5 Supportive Consume 1 ​Glistening Coat​ to prevent target's helm, armor, weapon, and shield from being broken or stripped.
Aid Condensed Potion.png Slim Potion Pitcher 10 Supportive Heal allies in the target area by throwing a Slim Potion. Type of potion thrown is determined by skill level.
Acid Bomb.png Acid Demonstration 10 Offensive Hurl an ​Acid Bottle​ and a Bottle Grenade​ at the target to deal massive damage beased onthe skill's level, your ATK and MATK, and target's VIT.
Cultivate Plant.png Cultivate Plant 2 Active Grow a plant or mushroom based on skill level.

Linked Skills
Skill Name Max Level Skill Form Short Description
Aid Berserk Potion.png Berserk Pitcher 1 Supportive Throw a ​Berserk Potion​ at your target to give them its effect irregardless of their class.
Spiritual Potion Creation (variant 1).png Twilight Pharmacy 1 1 Active Attempt to create 200 ​White Potions​.
Spiritual Potion Creation (variant 2).png Twilight Pharmacy 2 1 Active With a Super Novice present, attempt to create 200 ​White Slim Potions.
Spiritual Potion Creation (variant 3).png Twilight Pharmacy 3 1 Active While you have a Soul Linker and Taekwon present in your party, attempt to create 100 ​Alcohol​, 50 Acid Bottles​ and 50 Bottle Grenades.

3rd Job Skills
Skill Name Max Level Skill Form Short Description
Sword Training.png Sword Training 5 Passive Increase ATK and HIT when using sword class weapons.
Cart Remodelling.png Cart Remodeling 5 Passive Increase maximum cart weight and the HIT of cart skills.
Cart Tornado.png Cart Tornado 10 Offensive Damage all foes in an area around the caster.
Cart Cannon.png Cart Cannon 5 Offensive Shoot a cannon ball from your cart to damage your target and all foes in a 3x3~7x7 area around it.
Boost Cart.png Cart Boost 5 Active Greatly increase movement speed and gain a bonus to ATK.
Special Pharmacy.png Special Pharmacy 10 Active Create new types of potions.
Mix Cooking.png Mixed Cooking 2 Active Create +20 stat food items.
Create Bomb.png Bomb Creation 2 Active Create bombs out of various fruits.
Change Material.png Change Material 1 Active Change materials into something else.
Sling Item.png Item Sling 1 Active Throw a throwing item at your target.
Hallucunation Drug.png Hallucination Drug 5 Active Reduce the HIT and apply Hallucination status to all foes around you.
Thorn Trap.png Thorn Trap 5 Offensive Consume 1 ​Seed of Thorny Plant​  to create a trap that immobilized and damages a target.
Wall of Thorns.png Thorn Wall 5 Offensive Consume 1 ​Seed of Thorny Plant​ to create a wall of thorns that damage and knocks back foes that try to cross it. If this skill is hit by a Fire property attack, it becomes a Fire Wall.
Crazy Weed.png Crazy Weed 10 Offensive Consume 1 ​Seed of Thorny Plant​ to create a plant that deals Earth property damage to foes and cancels ground skills on the area.
BLOOD SUcKER.jpg Blood Sucker 5 Offensive Consume 1 ​Bloodsuck Plant Seed​  to attach a plant to your target that continuously drains HP from them.
Hell's Plant.png Hell Plant 5 Offensive Use a ​Plant Bottle​  to summon a plant that damages foes and cuases Stun and Bleed status by chance.
Howling of Mandragora.png Mandragora Howling 5 Active Use a ​Mandragora Flowerpot​ to decrease the INT, of all foes arround you wile also increasing their cast times and draining their SP.
Spore Explosion.png Spore Explosion 10 Offensive Attach 1 ​Bomb Mushroom Spore​ to your target that will detonate 3 seconds later, damaging your target and all nearby foes.
Demonic Fire.png Demonic Fire 5 Offensive Use a ​Bottle Grenade​ to set the target area ablaze, dealing Fire property damage to all foes in the area.
Fire Expansion.png Fire Expansion 5 Offensive Throw an item on an area affected by Demonic Fire to produce various results based on the item used.
Full Throttle.png Full Throttle 5 Supportive Fully heals the user and increased their stats and movement speed for the skill's duration. Has Rebound effect after it ends.
4th Job Skills
Skill Name Max Level Skill Form Short Description
1bionic pharmacy.JPG Bionic Pharmacy 5 Active 987.969x987.969px
1bionic.JPG Bionics 10 Passive Bionic pharmacy.JPG1.JPG
1the whole protection.JPG The Whole Protection 5 Active 291.997x291.997px
1acidified zone ground (earth).JPG Acidified Zone (Earth) 5 Active Acidified zone ground (earth)111111.jpg
1acidified zone ground (wind).JPG Acidified Zone (Wind) 5 Active Acidified zone ground (wind)1111111.jpg
1creeper.JPG Creeper 5 Active Creeper111111.jpg
1full shadow protection.JPG Full Shadow Protection 4 Active Full shadow protection111111.jpg
1acidified zone ground (fire).JPG Acidified Zone (Fire) 5 Active 343.993x343.993px
1acidified zone ground (water).JPG Acidified Zone (Water) 5 Active 340.994x340.994px
1wooden warrior.JPG Wooden Warrior 5 Active 308.991x308.991px
1wooden fairyu.JPG Wooden Fairy 5 Active Wooden fairyu.JPG1.JPG
1research report.JPG Research Report 1 Active Research report.JPG1.JPG
1helltree.JPG Helltree 5 Active 287.986x287.986px

Homunculus Infomation

  • Homunculus is a special pet that can assist you in many ways : Tanking, Buffing, Dealing damage.
  • It will decide your play style depend on chosen Homunculus.
Homunculus Amistr Lif Filir Vanilmirth
Base Form Amistr2.gif Amistr.gif Lif.gif Lif2.gif Filir2.gif Filir.gif Vanil.gif Vanil2.gif
Evolution Form Amistr-e2.gif Amistr-e1.gif Lif-e1.gif Lif-e2.gif Filir-e2.gif Filir-e1.gif Vanil-e1.gif Vanil-e2.gif
Role Tank Support Physical Damage Dealer Magical Damage Dealer
Food 912.pngZargon 537.pngPet Food 910.pngGarlet 911.pngScell
  • Castling
  • Defense
  • Adamantium Skin
  • Blood Lust (*)
  • Touch of Heal
  • Emergency Avoid
  • Brain Surgery
  • Mental Change (*)
  • Moonlight
  • Fleet Move
  • Over Speed
  • S.B.R.44 (*)
  • Caprice
  • Chaotic Benediction
  • Change Instruction
  • Bio Explosion (*)

  • How to create a Homunculus ?
    • Step 1 : Get 1  Embryo ( you can either buy or make 1 through  Pharmacy ( Prepare Potion ) )
    • Step 2 : Use  Call Homunculus to create a Homun consuming 1  Embryo .
      • Got the Homun you want ? You're done creating Homun.
      • Didn't got the Homun you want ? Open Homun status table by Alt+R , click Delete, re-do Step 2.
  • How to Evolve my Homun ?
    • Step 1 : Make your Homun Intimacy become Loyal.
    • Step 2 : Obtain a  Stone of Sage then use it. Done !
      • After Evolution, your Homun will get its power significantly increased.
  • How to make my Homun Loyal
    • You have to feed it.

Here the table how many Intimacy gained by feeding at specific hunger level :

Hunger Intimacy
Leave your Homun starving (Hunger bar < 11%) -1 ( every 200 seconds )
1% ~ 10% +5
11% ~ 25% +10
26% ~ 75% +7.5
76% ~ 90% -0.05
91%~100% -0.5

How to get loyal your homunculus faster

Using  Homunculus Supplement to increase Homunculus's intimacy directly by using it. Before, Each pill gives 5 points of intimacy but based on KRO it gives only 1 point of intimacy.

here's how to Brew a Homunculus Supplement:

Material requirement:

  1. Potion Creation Guide
  2. Seed of Life
  3. Yellow Herb
  4. Empty Bottle

Remember that you must to have  Bioethics already learned if you want to craft  Homunculus Supplement.



Bre4.PNGHomun supplement.PNG

  • Which Homun should I choose to start ?
  • Amistr : A Homun focus on tanking, high HP, all non-evolution skills are used to tank and draw aggro but lack of offensive skills. Thus it won't provide much DPS , however, thanks to high MaxHP and  Castling, It's perfect to protect you and allow you to deal damage freely.
  • Lif : Lif has nothing other than very high SP Pool, all of her skills are replaced by your skills already.
  • Filir : Strong from the start, easy to use but his downside is low VIT. As a result, he can hardly tank anything at Mid Game Period and further.
  • Vanilmirth : Stats is evenly, okay DPS , easy to use and it even helps you to increase Brewing success chance by  Change Instruction.

Homunculus S

Homun Eira Bayeri Sera Dieter Eleanor

Role Support Tank , Magical AoE Damage Dealer Support , Summoner Support , Tank Single Physical Damage Dealer
Food 6098.pngSmall Snow Flower 6112.png Fresh Salad 6108.png Apple Pudding 6104.png Big Cell 6115.png Bun
Skills and unlocked Level
  • Eraser Cutter - Level 106
  • Overed Boost - Level 114
  • Xeno Slasher - Level 121
  • Light of Regen - Level 128
  • Silent Breeze - Level 137
  • Stahl Horn - Level 105
  • Goldene Ferse - Level 112
  • Stein Wand - Level 121
  • Angriffs Modus - Level 130
  • Heilige Stange - Level 138
  • Needle Paralyze - Level 105
  • Poison Mist - Level 116
  • Pain Killer - Level 123
  • Summon Legion - Level 132
  • Volcanic Ashe - Level 102
  • Lava Slide - Level 109
  • Granitic Armor - Level 116
  • Magma Flow - Level 122
  • Pyroclastic - Learned 131
  • Style Change - Level 100
  • Sonic Claw - Level 100
  • Silvervein Rush - Level 114
  • Midnight Frenzy - Level 128
  • Tinder Breaker - Level 100
  • C.B.C - Level 112
  • E.Q.C - Level 133
Which Base Homun to choose and why ?
  • What make Eira special is  Overed Boost which gives 190 ASPD and 600 FLEE for both owner and her but drain 50% MaxSP when effect ends. Thanks to those boosted stats, Eira is able to tank a lot of high tiers monsters/bosses. So to maximize her tanking ability, I recommend to choose Amistr as base Homun.
  • Further more,  Overed Boost decreases Hunger bar to 1 after ended. So you can spam it to farm Intimacy which is scaled good with  S.B.R.44 of Filir and  Bio Explosion of Vanilmirth. You can consider either of them as base Homun too.
  • Bayeri is famous for his tanking ability by abusing  Stein Wand and even able to tank ranged monsters by  Goldene Ferse which increases FLEE.
  • When reaching level 138 ,  Heilige Stange is now unlocked. It is very low delay , AoE and very strong, the skill damage depends on Homun's VIT. Tips : I highly recommend save up at least 10 Skill Points for  Heilige Stange so that you can get it immediately at unlocked level.
  • So I recommend Amistr for High max HP and VIT as Base for Bayeri.
  • People want  Pain Killer the most when picking Sera . It reduces received damage by a Flat amount up to 2000 (capped at 2000) at level 150 (SkillLevel*200)*(HomunculusLevel/150). Otherwise,  Summon Legion is also helpful for tanking. Since she doesn't SP consuming and mainly used for buffing, you may want her to be more useful by choose Vanilmirth for extra brewing chance or Amistr to tank.
  • Dieter has 2 buffing skills which provide ATK  Pyroclastic and resist  Granitic Armor. Is main source of damage is  Magma Flow which need to be hit to active so i recommend Amistr for Dieter.
  • Sonic Claw is the thing makes Eleanor , strong, fast but SP consuming. However, her strenght won't change much as her Level increases. And since Eleanor always rush in frontline and draw aggro to her, I recommend Amistr for her survivability , Filir to maximize DPS.
  • Since Vanilmirth's stats is very analogous, so in fact, Vanilmirth is suitable as Base Homun for every Homunculus S. If you're in doubt, then Vanilmirth is a good choice for you. Additionaly, Amistr is also a no-doubt option thanks to the tankiness and VIT bonus buff to help you reach 100 Total VIT without waste precious status points (and legendary Castling skill too).

  • Eira : Very good for survival, you won't need to bring too much HP potions but kinda SP consuming even if equiped with a lot of SP leech Equipments.
  • Sera : Extreme useful for survival thanks to  Pain Killer. Your ASPD will get slower but it's not a high price. Also thanks to Weekly Quest, you can access to some strong items much sooner, so that you don't need to be too depend on Homunculus damage.
  • Eleanor : Good to start, she will do everything for you until 175, all you need to do is chase after and loot the items. But the downside is once you got level 175 and start doing instance, she'll mostly be useless. (But remember to bring blue potions for her)
  • Dieter : He's good at drawing aggro by  Lava Slide and do okay damage by  Magma Flow. Also  Pyroclastic improves your damage output as at low level you won't deal much damage on your own.
  • Bayeri : Poor performance at the start, but really shine when he reaches 138 to get  Heilige Stange. Otherwise, his tanking ability is noticeable if you want to level yourself by Bosses hunting.