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4th Job Class

Basic 1st Job 2nd Job Transcendent Job 3rd Job 4th Job
Novice.gif MERCHANT.gif BLACKSMITH.gif BLACKSMITH.gif MECHANIC.gif Meister male2.gif132x167
Novice Merchant Blacksmith Whitesmith Mechanic Meister


1st Job Skills
Skill Name Max Level Skill Form Short Description
Basic Skill.png Basic Skill 10 Passive Enable the use of Basic Interface Skills. (Trading, Emoticon, Sitting, Chat Room, Party, Kafra and at Max Level enables job change.
First Aid.png First Aid 1 Supportive Use 3 SP to restore 5 HP.
Discount.png Discount 10 Passive Buy items from NPC's with an up to 24% discount.
Item Appraisal.png Item Appraisal 1 Active Identify items without a magnifier.
Overcharge.png Overcharge 10 Passive Get up to 24% more Zeny from selling items to NPC's.
Pushcart.png Pushcart 10 Passive Carry an additional 8000 weight units and/or 100 items in a separate inventory.
Enlarge Weight Limit.png Enlarge Weight Limit 10 Passive Increase your character's maximum Weight Limit by up to 2000 points.
Vending.png Vending 10 Active Open a shop with up to 12 item stacks for other players to buy.
Mammonite.png Mammonite 10 Offensive Powerful melee attack dealing up to 600% damage that costs up to 1000 Zeny.
Crazy Uproar.png Crazy Uproar 1 Supportive A party buff that grants +4 Strength and +30 ATK for five minutes.
Change Cart.png Change Cart 1 Active Change your cart's appearance as you gain levels.
Change cart 2.png Cart Decoration 1 Active Change your cart's appearance.
Cart Revolution.png Cart Revolution 1 Offensive Melee AoE attack that gets stronger as your cart gets heavier.

2nd Job Skills
Skill Name Max Level Skill Form Short Description
Adrenaline Rush.png Adrenaline Rush 5 Active For 30~150 seconds, increase Attack Speed of party members equipped with Axe and Mace class weapons.
Hammer Fall.png Hammer Fall 5 Active 30~70% Chance of stunning all enemies within a 5x5 area.
Power Maximize.png Maximize Power 5 Active Uses maximum weapon damage for skill duration.
Weapon Perfection.png Weapon Perfection 5 Active For 10~50 seconds, party members have no weapon size penalties.
Weapon Repair.png Weapon Repair 1 Active Returns damaged equipment to usable state.
Greed.png Greed 1 Active Automatically pick up items in a 5x5 area around caster.
Advanced Adrenaline Rush.png Advanced Adrenaline Rush 1 Active (Soul Link - Blacksmith Spirit) Reduces attack delay of all party members using melee weapons.
Upgrade Weapon.png Upgrade Weapon 10 Active Allows a Whitesmith to upgrade weapons with a higher success rate than an NPC.
Cart Boost.png Cart Boost 1 Supportive Increases a Whitesmith's move speed for 60 seconds.
Power-Thrust.png Power-Thrust 5 Supportive (20~100 seconds.) You have +5~25% ATK. Other party members have +5~15% ATK.
Maximum Power-Thrust.png Maximum Power-Thrust 5 Supportive Increase a Whitesmith's damage by up to 200% at a cost of up to 5k zeny.
Shattering Strike.png Shattering Strike 10 Supportive Grants each attack for up to 60 seconds with a chance to damage enemy's armor and weapon.
High Speed Cart Ram.png High Speed Cart Ram 10 Offensive Smash your pushcart into a monster with a chance to stun them.
Dubious Salesmanship.png Dubious Salesmanship 1 Passive Reduces the Zeny cost of the skill Mammonite by 10%.
Hilt Binding.png Hilt Binding 1 Passive STR +1, ATK +4. Increases the durations of Adrenaline Rush, Power-Thrust and Weapon Perfection Skills by 10%.
Skin Tempering.png Skin Tempering 5 Passive You have +4~20% Fire resistance and +1~5% Neutral resistance.
Enchantedstone Craft.png Enchanted stone Craft 5 Passive Enables the creation of Elemental Stones.
Iron Tempering.png Iron Tempering 5 Passive Enables the creation of Iron from Iron Ore.
Ore Discovery.png Ore Discovery 1 Passive Adds low chance of finding certain ores when killing monsters.
Oridecon Research.png Oridecon Research 5 Passive Increases the chance of crafting Level 3 Weapons.
Smith Axe.png Smith Axe 3 Passive Enables the creation of various Axe class weapons.
Smith Dagger.png Smith Dagger 3 Passive Enables the creation of various Dagger class weapons.
Smith Knucklebrace.png Smith Knuckle 3 Passive Enables the creation of various Knuckle class weapons.
Smith Mace.png Smith Mace 3 Passive Enables the creation of various Mace class weapons.
Smith Spear.png Smith Spear 3 Passive Enables the creation of various Spear class weapons.
Smith Sword.png Smith Sword 3 Passive Enables the creation of various One Handed Sword class weapons.
Smith Two-handed Sword.png Smith Two-handed Sword 3 Passive Enables the creation of various Two Handed Sword class weapons.
Steel Tempering.png Steel Tempering 5 Passive Enables the creation of Steel from Iron and Coal.
Weaponry Research.png Weaponry Research 10 Passive Increases HIT, ATK of the chance of Forging a weapon.

3rd Job Skills
Skill Name Max Level Skill Form Short Description
D7o93i2.png Axe Training 10 Passive Increase ATK up to +50 and HIT up to +30 when having an Axe weapon equipped.
Research Fire Earth.png Fire Earth Research 5 Passive Increase ATK up to +50 and DEF up to +30 against Fire and Earth property monsters.
Mado License.png Mado Gear License 5 Passive Decreases the movement speed penalty when operating a Madogear. Increases ATK by a small amount.
BUlfbXa.png Remodel Mainframe 5 Passive Increases DEF and overheat limit while mounted on a Madogear
Acceleration.png Acceleration 3 Supportive Increases the Madogear's movement speed for a short duration.
Emergency Cool.png Emergency Cool 1 Supportive Removes Overheat status from the Madogear.
Repair.png Repair 5 Supportive Allows the user to recover HP of any allied Madogear user.
Stealth Field.png Stealth Field 3 Supportive Gives all targets around the caster Cloaking status.
Analyze.png Analyze 3 Active Analyze the target's status and decrease its DEF and MDEF
Back Side Slide.png Back Slide 1 Active Move the Madogear quickly backwards.
Front Side Slide.png Front Slide 1 Active Move the Madogear quickly forward.
Hovering.png Hover 1 Active Make the Madogear hover over the ground to avoid traps and magic attacks.
Neutral Barrier.png Neutral Barrier 3 Active Protects against ranged attacks in an area around the caster.
FAW Removal.png Divest Faw 1 Active Allows the user to remove a FAW from the ground.
Shape Shift.png Shape Shift 4 Active Change the Madogear's elemental property.
FAW Magic Decoy.png Faw Magic Decoy 5 Active Construct a FAW which will use long distance magic attacks against enemies.
FAW Silver Sniper.png Faw Silver Sniper 5 Active Construct a FAW which will use long distance attacks against enemies.
Full Throttle.png Full Throttle 1 Active Fully restores HP when cast and increases movement speed increases for the skill's duration. All stats +20%.
Infrared Scan.png Infrared Scan 1 Active Reveals all enemies in a large area, and may decrease their FLEE.
Magnetic Field.png Magnetic Field 3 Active Immobilizes all enemies in an area and continuously drains their SP
Axe Boomerang.png Axe Boomerang 5 Offensive Throws an axe at long range dealing damage and knockback. The weight of your axe increases your damage.
Axe Tornado.png Axe Tornado 5 Offensive Spins rapidly like a whirlwind with an axe striking all targets around you. The VIT stat increases your damage.
Flame Launcher.png Flame Launcher 3 Offensive Set enemies on fire with a flamethrower, has a chance to cause Burning status..
Cold Slower.png Cold Slower 3 Offensive Shoots very cold gas onto enemies to deal damage, has a chance to cause Freezing\Frozen statuses.
Boost Knuckle.png Knuckle Boost 5 Offensive Shoot a rocket fist at a far away enemy
Magma Eruption.png Magma Eruption 5 Offensive Fixed damage 8000-18000 and Stun + Burning in 7*7 area.
Pile Bunker.png Pile Bunker 3 Offensive Attacks the target with many drills to cancel defensive magic.
Self Destruction.png Self Destruction 3 Offensive Detonates the mado gear causing horrific damage to the surrounding area. Has very long cooldown.
Vulcan Arm.png Vulcan Arm 3 Offensive Attacks enemies using a large caliber gun mounted on the Madogear.
Arm Cannon.png Arm Cannon 5 Offensive Fires upon an enemy using a large cannon mounted on the mado gear.
Power Swing.png Power Swing 10 Offensive Strikes a target with an axe dealing damage and stun. There's a chance to invoke Axe Boomerang.

4th Job Skills
Skill Name Max Level Skill Form Short Description
Two hand axe defending.PNG Two Hand Axe Defense 10 Passive Two hand axe defending.PNG1.PNG
Machine mastery.PNG Machine Mastery 5 Active Machine mastery.PNG1.PNG
Axe stomp.PNG Axe Stomp 5 Active Axe stomp.PNG1.PNG
Manufacture machine a.PNG Manufacture Machine A 5 Active Manufacture machine a.PNG1.PNG
Manufacture machine d.PNG Manufacture Machine D 5 Active Manufacture machine d.PNG1.PNG
Abr mastery.PNG ABR Mastery 10 Passive Abr mastery.PNG1.PNG
Rush quake.PNG Rush Quake 10 Active Rush quake.PNG1.PNG
Abr battle warrior.PNG ABR Battle Warrior 4 Active Abr battle warrior.PNG1.PNG
Abr battle cannon.PNG ABR Dual Cannon 4 Active Abr battle cannon.PNG1.PNG
Abr mother net.PNG ABR Mother Net 4 Active Abr mother net.PNG1.PNG
Abr infinity.PNG ABR Infinity 4 Active Abr infinity.PNG1.PNG