Newbie Guide

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Newbie Guide

Main Town

Map Guide for each location of useful NPC's in Main Town.

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Quest master.PNG
Quest Master
  • Obtain BASIC to AWESOME items via quest
  • Costume Quest
  • Treasure Box Quest
  • Other Quest ( Supplies, Skill Requirements, Lotti “Midgard” Ticket, Etc.)
  • Shadow Set Quest
  • Lakas Coin Exchange Quest (Wigs, Lakas Coin)

Merchant (Buy/Sell)

  • Buy Supplies, Skill Requirements, Lotti “Midgard” Ticket, Etc.

Quest Board – Monster Hunt

  • MVP Monster Hunting Quest where you can obtain Zenny, Base and Job Level Experience and Lakas Platinum Coins


  • Warp to Towns, Fields, Dungeon, Guild Castles, Special Areas


  • 1 minute interval Healer NPC
Kafra employee.png


  • save
  • Item storage
  • Teleport Service
  • Rent a Pushcart
Guild warehouse.png

Guild Warehouse Manage

  • Access of Guild Storage
Dummy 50.PNG
Dummy 100.PNG
Dummy 150.PNG

Skill Tester Dummy Eggs

  • Dummy for skill testing for Level 50, 100, and 150 Monster
Job master.PNG
Special job change.PNG

Job Changer and Special Job Changer

  • Transform to the next applicable levels through Job Changer NPCs
Ripped cabus.PNG

Gym Pass (Ripped)

  • Add inventory capacity by exchanging your gympass ticket in this NPC. Gympass ticket can be bought at cashshop.
Wise old man.PNG

Wise old Woman

  • Card remover NPC. It’s risky!
Quest board.PNG

Monster Hunting Quest

  • Normal Monster Hunting Quest where you can obtain Zenny, Base and Job Level Experience, and Bravery Badge
Platinum skill.png

Platinum Skill NPC

  • Get Job-exclusive special skills
Reset girl.PNG

Reset Girl

  • Unlimited reset for your status and skills
Universal rental.PNG

Universal Rental

  • Rent Push Cart, Dragon, Beast, Falcon, Gryphon, Mado, other character mount.
Mvp points.PNG

MVP points

  • Obtain various items and costumes for hunting MVPs
Hourly rewards.PNG

Hourly Rewards

  • Obtain various items and costumes through hourly points


  • Change your Hairstyle, Hair Color, and Cloth Color
Black marketeer.PNG
Part timer.PNG
Poison herb merchant.PNG
Trap specialist.PNG
Tropic fruit dealer.PNG

Various Skill Requirement NPCs

  • Paint, Herbs, Traps, Dancer Bard Skills, Tropical Fruit  vendor all located in the lower left bridge.
Pvp warper.PNG
Pvp stat viewr.PNG

PvP Warper and PvP Stats Viewer

  • Warp to Player vs Player map and check your performance statistics.
Ufc warp portal.PNG

UFC Map Portal

  • Warp to UFC Map for Player vs Player
Lotti 4.PNG

Lotti Girls 1- 6

  • Exchange Midgard Premium (Lotti) Ticket in exchange for random Items. You can get the tickets from Board Quest,  Merchant, Cash Shop, and Events

RWC Enchant NPCs Goldberg and Driller

  • Enchant your RWC Pendant and Accessories. Ticket can be bought at cash shop or obtained via GM Events

Rebellion accessories.PNG
Rebellion weapon1.PNG
Slot machine.PNG
Card vendor machine.PNG

Rebellion Weapons and Acce, Slot Machine, Card Vendor

  • It is what it is

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