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4th Job Class

Basic 1st Job 2nd Job Transcendent Job 3rd Job 4th Job
Novice.gif ARCHER.gif HUNTER.gif Sniper.png RANGER.gif Windhawk.gif Windhawk female.gif
Novice Archer Hunter Sniper Ranger Windhawk


1st Job Skills
Skill Name Max Level Skill Form Short Description
Basic Skill.png Basic Skill 9 Passive A starting passive skill needed to use basic interface.
First Aid.png First Aid 1 Supportive Use 3 SP to restore 5 HP.
Improve Concentration.png Improve Concentration 10 Supportive Increase DEX and AGI. Uncovers hidden enemies.
Owl's Eye.png Owl's Eye 10 Passive Increases DEX.
Vulture's Eye.png Vulture's Eye 10 Passive Increases range and HIT when using bows.
Double Strafe.png Double Strafe 10 Offensive Deals damage to a single target.
Arrow Shower.png Arrow Shower 10 Offensive Deals damage to targets in an area around target.
Arrow Repel.png Arrow Repel 1 Offensive Shoot a target to inflict damage and push it back few cells.
Arrow Crafting.png Arrow Crafting 1 Active Create arrows from various items

2nd Job Skills
Skill Name Max Level Skill Form Short Description
Ankle Snare.png Ankle Snare 5 Active Set a trap that will immobilize enemy.
Beast Bane.png Beast Bane 10 Passive Increases ATK against Insect and Brute race monsters.
Blast Mine.png Blast Mine 5 Offensive Set a trap that does Wind damage in an area when triggered.
Blitz Beat.png Blitz Beat 5 Offensive Attacks target and surrounding foes with your falcon. Can go off passively
Claymore Trap.png Claymore Trap 5 Offensive Set a trap that will explode, causing Fire property damage in an area.
Detect.png Detect 4 Active Command your Falcon to detect hidden enemies within a variable range.
Falconry Mastery.png Falconry Mastery 1 Passive Enables rental of Falcon.
Flasher.png Flasher 5 Active Set a trap that will Blind enemies.
Freezing Trap.png Freezing Trap 5 Offensive Do Water damage and possibly freeze an enemy when triggered.
Land Mine.png Land Mine 5 Offensive Exploding trap that deals Earth damage and may stun.
Remove Trap.png Remove Trap 1 Active Remove a trap laid at the ground.
Sandman.png Sandman 5 Active Set a trap that can put enemies to Sleep within an area once triggered.
Shockwave Trap.png Shockwave Trap 5 Active Set a trap to drain SP from enemies when triggered.
Skid Trap.png Skid Trap 5 Active Set a trap that causes enemy to slide backward when triggered.
Spring Trap.png Spring Trap 5 Active Removes enemy or friendly traps from afar using your falcon.
Steel Crow.png Steel Crow 10 Passive Increase damage inflicted by your Falcon.
Talkie Box.png Talkie Box 1 Active Set a trap that will display a text message when step on.
Falcon Assault.png Falcon Assault 5 Offensive Deal a single defense ignoring attack to a target.
Focused Arrow Strike.png Sharp Shooting 5 Offensive Deals damage to all targets in an area. Has very long cast time
Falcon Eyes.png True Sight 10 Supportive Increases all stats, ATK, Hit, and Crit for the skill's duration.
Wind Walker.png Wind Walk 10 Supportive Increase the entire party's move speed and flee for the skills duration.
Phantasmic Arrow.png Phantasmic Arrow 1 Offensive Like Arrow Repel but doesn't require arrow. Quest Skill.
Beast Charge.png Beast Charge 1 Offensive Advanced form of Double Strafing. Soul Link Skill.

3rd Job Skills
Skill Name Max Level Skill Form Short Description
Main Ranger.png Ranger Main 10 Passive Increase damage against Brute, Plant and Fish monsters and decrease damage from those monsters.
Aimed Bolt.png Aimed Bolt 10 Offensive Deal high damage to an immobile target, releasing the immobilization. Damage depends on size.
Arrow Storm.png Arrow Storm 10 Offensive Deals damage to all targets in a wide area.
Camouflage.png Camouflage 5 Supportive Turns semi-transparent that hides self and increast ATK and CRIT.
No Limits.png Unlimit 5 Supportive A self-buff that greatly increase ranged attacks for a minute
Fear Breeze.png Fear Breeze 5 Supportive Self-buff that gives a chance to do multi-hits when attacking using bow.
Warg Mastery.png Warg Mastery 1 Passive Calls a warg with warg flute. Cannot be used with a falcon.
Warg Ride.png Warg Rider 3 Active Mounts on warg, but cannot attack and have limited skill use.
Warg Dash.png Warg Dash 1 Active While mounted, makes your warg run fast in a single direction.
Warg Teeth.png Warg Teeth 10 Passive Increases damage and effect of warg skills.
Warg Strike.png Warg Strike 5 Offensive The "Blitz Beat" or warg.
Warg Bite.png Warg Bite 5 Offensive Deals damage and making the target immobile.
Keen Nose.png Sensitive Keen 5 Active Reveal hidden targets around you, casting Warg Bite by chance.
Electric Shock.png Electric Shocker 5 Active Immobilizes a target and drains his SP over time.
Trap Research.png Trap Research 10 Passive Increases INT, Max SP, as well as trap damage and placement range.
Magenta Trap.png Magenta Trap 1 Active Changes monsters' elemental attribute in an area to fire property.
Cobalt Trap.png Cobalt Trap 1 Active Changes monsters' elemental attribute in an area to water property.
Maze Trap.png Maze Trap 1 Active Changes monsters' elemental attribute in an area to earth property.
Verdure Trap.png Verdure Trap 1 Active Changes monsters' elemental attribute in an area to wind property.
Bomb Cluster.png Cluster Bomb 5 Active Place up to three that can be detonated.
Detonator.png Detonator 1 Active Detonates certain traps, as well as those in the area of that trap.
Fire Trap.png Firing Trap 5 Active Deals an area damage and causes the burning status.
Ice Trap.png Ice Bound Trap 5 Active Deals an area damage and causes the freezing status.
Full Throttle.png Full Throttle 5 Supportive Increases stats for the skill's duration. Has Rebound effect after it ends.

4th Job Skills
Skill Name Max Level Skill Form Short Description
Cresive bolt.PNG Cresive Bolt 10 Active Cresive bolt.PNG1.PNG
Nature friendly.PNG Nature Friendly 5 Passive Nature friendly.PNG1.PNG
Advanced trap.PNG Advanced Trap 5 Passive Advanced trap.PNG1.PNG
Hawk mastery.PNG Hawk Mastery 1 Active Hawk mastery.PNG1.PNG
Galestorm.PNG Galestorm 10 Active Galestorm.PNG1.PNG
Wind sign.PNG Wind Sign 5 Active Wind sign.PNG1.PNG
Solid trap.PNG Solid Trap 5 Active Solid trap.PNG1.PNG
Deep blind trap.PNG Deep Blinding Trap 5 Active Deep blind trap.PNG1.PNG
Hawk rush.PNG Hawk Rush 5 Active Hawk rush.PNG1.PNG
Flame trap.PNG Flame Trap 5 Active Flame trap.PNG1.PNG
Swift trap.PNG Swift Trap 5 Active Swift trap.PNG1.PNG
Calamity gale.PNG Calamity Gale 1 Active Calamity gale.PNG1.PNG
Hawk boomerang.PNG Hawk Boomerang 5 Active Hawk boomerang.PNG1.PNG